I quietly brushed aside news reporters on my way to class, while my head was bursting with comments.I wanted to comment on their careless and biased reporting.

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What many fail to realize in this grand scheme is the success Penn State has had across the board throughout ALL athletics.

These student-athletes came to Penn State because of the ideals, because they wanted to come to a place that honored both academics and athletics.

He was a part of the same NCAA that punished Penn State, a university that has punished his, among others’ wrongdoings.

The hypocrisy behind this particular aspect is mind-blowing.

Can you say that when Derrick Williams took a kick return to the house at the start of the fourth quarter before Beaver Stadium nearly collapsed in a White Out Frenzy while the entire stadium bounced to Zombie Nation wasn’t real? and Beaver Stadium is no closer to collapsing than ever before. Penn Staters dance for 46 hours in the largest student run philanthropy in the world. We never needed help from administration to put together the most monumental event at Penn State and one of the most inspirational events in the world. Universities are comprised of the individuals who attend it on the hopes of becoming educated and finding themselves.

It is not a collection of weak individuals who piggy backed off of the success of students, teachers, and coaches alike all to the top. Remember when Graham Spanier sat on the board of directors for the NCAA? Spanier not only sat on, but also was the chairman.

This is that same mindset that changes every student forever from FTCap, Penn State’s freshman orientation, to their graduation day as they strive to represent our dear university to the best of their abilities. And we learned that the “grand experiment” trickled-down from a mindset instilled in the football program by Joe Paterno.

“Thou didst mold us dear old state” Ask any Penn Stater what they learned at Penn State and it won’t just be a physics equation or when to properly write out nine and 10 in AP style. It ran through Pollock Road to every athletic facility, dormitory, and lecture hall: and that was his goal.

What hurts the most is that the mindset every Penn Stater has about their University, their town, and their team is now questioned by the entire country.